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My entire life, I’ve been the black sheep of the family and I have always been the butt of the joke in my family. Every time I spend time with my family, I am criticized and laughed at and made the center of attention, but in the “everyone is laughing at you” kind of way. I don’t spend much time with my family, and I haven’t spent a lot of time with them at all since I moved out last year. That’s because I don’t want to.

The past few weeks I have had to spend more time with them because my Grandmother is moving, and needless to say I haven’t been enjoying these moments. I love my family, but I just wish they were encouraging and supportive instead of hateful, judgmental, dramatic, and mean. I also get hated on for not calling them, spending time with them, and not stopping by to visit them…..but every time I have visited or spent time with them, I am laughed at and criticized. Why the FUCK would I want to spend time around people like that? When my family isn’t criticizing me, they are fighting constantly and there is always some ridiculous dramatic event that is happening and I am in the middle of my sister and my mom, or my mom and my dad, or my brother and my mom, etc. Some of my closest friends have the best families I have ever met, and I just wish I could have that.

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American Psycho (2000)Mary Harron


American Psycho (2000)
Mary Harron

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girl gangs make me swoon so hard

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