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4. A letter to a person that you grew apart from this year

Okay, honestly I can’t write this letter to anyone because I haven’t drifted apart from anyone that I really am bothered that I drifted away from them. Yeah I’ve drifted away from people this year, but it has all been people that I don’t need in my life. If anything, this whole year has me been getting closer to my friends and family, since last year I barely talked to my family at all and I didn’t hang out with my friends much. I have everyone in my life that I need in my life right now. You never know how much the thing you “love” is holding you back until you lose it, then your eyes are opened so much more. Life is fucking great.

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3. Your New Year’s plans

Getting wasted with some of my good friends at a friends party. 

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2. Six photos of memories from the last year

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New Year’s Challenge.

10 things you did this year

1. Jumped in a pool fully clothed, which I have always wanted to do haha.

2. Graduated.

3. Met Patrick Stump and Josh Franceschi

4. Started up college

5. Threw fish all over the biggest slut in town’s car with my best friend

6. Moved back into my parents house

7. Got a job at Starbucks

8. Threw clam chowder all over the biggest asshole in town’s car hahahahahaha

9. Got attacked at Wakefield Lake multiple times with my friends for no apparent reason whatsoever

10. Finally got a fucking macbook like I have always wanted

These were all so stupid and boring I couldn’t think of anything haha

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Doing this.

Doing this.

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33. Spell your name with your chin.

cxZAn z

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32. Which celebrities would you enjoy having a threesome with?

Pete Wentz and Josh Franceschi.

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31. Is your hair long enough for a ponytail?

Awhh yeaahh.

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30. Do you ever want to get married?

Welp, since my parents got divorced when I was little I don’t believe in it much or have faith that lots of marriages work out. BUT, if I meet the perfect guy one day, then yes.

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29. Have any of your ex’s told you they regret breaking up?


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